Dr Foot Slim Fit Orthofit (pair)

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The Slim Fit Orthofit has been designed to offer the correct profile in an elegantly thin, yet exceptionally strong material. It’s design means that the bulk so often present to achieve this profile in other orthotics is not needed in Orthofit - meaning it will fit all patients’ shoes. Yet the material is so strong it carries a lifetime guarantee. They are ideal for people who need superior control to maximize foot and leg function to help relieve foot and leg pain.

These ultra thin and ultra light insoles will fit into all types of footwear. Excellent for high impact situations and for those of heavier weight. They incorporate a firm design that's uniquely shaped to balance and evenly support the natural contour of your foot, helping neutralize pronation and reduce impact. By keeping correct foot alignment and avoiding over pronation, these insoles promote proper landing, which insures treatment of foot and leg pain such as flat feet, bunions and over pronation.