Dr Foot's Sport Insoles (pair)

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Dr Foot's Sports Insoles work wonders on problem-prone feet. These revolutionary insoles are biomechanically engineered to relieve over pronation, forefoot, heel, arch and leg pain.

The contoured shape supports your feet in two directions, both lengthwise and across the arch, for maximum relief of pain and fatigue. The special poron heel cushion and the comfortable arch support helps to reduce shock absorption and fatigue.

Dr Foot Sport Insoles are engineered to combat over pronation and provide greater stability and maximum support. Ideal for patients seeking arch support for prevention and treatment of sports injuries and foot pain such as bunions, ball of the foot pain, flat feet, achilles pain neuroma, over pronation, heel pain and many other conditions.

This product also includes a FREE EBOOK download which includes:

Rehabilitation programme for:

Patello Femoral Joint Pain (Runners Knee)

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints)

Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)

Achilles Tendonitis 

As well as Bonus Ebooks which include:

Load Management for Runners

The Ultimate stretching manual

The essential guide for beginner runners

Smoothies for Runners

Please note: All additions are handmade bespoke additions which are carried out by our technicians in our warehouse. The additions are glued, placed in a special orthotic oven and then in some cases, depending on the addition, it is grinded down by our technicians. Delivery of products with additions can be delayed.