Dr Foot Golf Insoles (pair)

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Dr Foot Golf Insoles can be used for running and golf. These insoles are similar to the Dr Foot Sports Insoles but provide greater support and comfort than any other insole.

Your feet have the sole responsibility of orientating your swing and generating a full hip turn around a fixed leg. Even a slight postural misalignment can dramatically affect your swing and control over that vital drive or putt.

Dr Foot Golf Insoles allow a golfer's body to establish a better point of contact with the ground when executing a golf swing. They will also stabilize your feet, evenly redistribute weight and correct your entire body posture during the golf swing. Research suggests that Insoles can help golfers improve balance, hit the ball harder and obtain a lower golf score.

These unique insoles prevent and treat a variety of painful injuries that can affect your concentration and ultimately your golfing handicap. Bringing painful knees, legs, feet or an aching lower back to the fairway can prevent you from playing to the best of your golfing potential!