Dr Foot Pro Insoles (3/4 length) Pair

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Design your own custom orthotics for flat feet, ankle sprains, forefoot pain, heel pain, achilles pain, etc.

Choose your size first then add the optional extras.

Dr Foot Pro insoles are designed to fit into normal shoes. The wearer will adjust quickly and find the device comfortable to wear. This insole provides the functionality and stability of the full length insole but can be placed into all types footwear for men and women.

They help reduce stress at key weight points, keep each foot properly aligned and cradle and stabilize your heels. A strategically placed heel insert made of poron foam absorbs the pounding foot shock of each step.

Dr Foot Pro 3/4 length insoles provide the support you need to insure prevention and treatment of sports injuries and foot pain such as bunions, ball of the foot pain, flat feet, neuroma, over pronation, heel pain and many other conditions.

Please note: All additions are handmade bespoke additions which are carried out by our technicians in our warehouse. The additions are glued, placed in a special orthotic oven and then in some cases, depending on the addition, it is grinded down by our technicians. Delivery of products with additions can be delayed. 

We would recommend you replace insoles every 12 months.