Heel Rite Day Splint

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Heel-Rite is very effective in relieving heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis / heel-spurs.

Recommendations for Achieving Optimum Results

Heel-Rite is designed to be used during the day while you are on your feet. During the first week, Heel-Rite should be worn as much as possible when on your feet. If your heel pain is bad, you may have to begin by using Heel-Rite for half-days only.

Throughout the day adjust the tension of the straps to maintain maximum support yet not so tight as to cause further irritation or ache. As your heel pain begins to subside during weeks 2 & 3, wear Heel-Rite for half-days or on alternate days. By the end of week 3 you may find that you only need to use the support on an occasional basis when walking or standing is in high demand, or if your heel pain begins to return.